Elliot G. Levy, M.D.


Everyone knows that becoming a doctor is a long, hard grind. We all study hard in our undergraduate years and medical school, taking difficult courses like organic chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. Yet no one teaches us about making or investing our money. All through medical school, residency, and fellowship, it is the rare person who has any exposure to the business side of his or her career or to the concepts of investing money and planning for the future. It is left up to doctors to figure this out on their own, often learning by mistakes.

This purpose of this book is to explain the concept of investing, the investment vehicles to use, the importance of paying off student loans and the funding children’s education, how to create and implement a financial plan, and how to plan for and enjoy retirement.

I attended Carnegie-Mellon University and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. I quickly learned that to be successful in my career, I had to understand the business side of medicine to maximize my earnings to enjoy the fruits of hard work.

Each of my three grown children have asked me, although each in different ways, to help them invest their money and help them plan for their future. They are all successful in their own careers. This book was written to help them, and now it can help all of you.

I hope to show you that investing is much simpler than the financial world wants you to believe. It involves understanding your objectives for investing, having the funds to invest, knowing your time frame for investing, accepting your tolerance for risk, and understanding the available options for investing your money. Once you are clear on this strategy, investing becomes much easier. This book was written to help guide you through this process.